Ideal Abstraction

The software industry is filled with challenges involving both people and technology. In this complicated world, we’re here to help you look at things in new ways, that help you solve the problems you face.

We’re a Seattle-based pair of developers with two decades of experience between us that includes time at Amazon and Microsoft - as well as smaller companies and independent projects.

We know code, but we also know that’s only part of the equation. Working on software means working with other people, whether they’re members of your team or the people who use your product. We’ve got the theoretical grounding to understand what makes people tick in the form of cognitive science, and the real-world experience from time in developer management to know how it actually works in practice.

We don't just know what we're talking about: we know how to explain it. Our experience in teaching ranges from curriculum development and presentation at Amazon through to classroom instruction through the University of Washington. Everyone learns differently, but everyone is capable of becoming better.

We’re ready to come meet you, hear about your situation, and work with you to figure out how to improve you, your team, your company, and your world.

For Individuals

We're personal trainers for your tech career.

We provide mentoring and coaching for people in tech. We can help you get a job in the software industry, understand the dynamics of your team or company, or grow your skills - technical and social - to be better at what you do.

For Organizations

We bridge the technical and the human.

We help your organization do greater things. Combining knowledge from software development, teaching, and management, we help you build stronger teams and tackle technical challenges.

There's a lot of ambiguity when it comes to working in software. What does the customer need? How does this function work? Why does the system keep crashing?

We can't possibly list out every way we can help, but you're working in software, and that means you're someone who looks for solutions to problems.

If there's something you think we can help with, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you, find out more about your situation, and discuss whether there's something we can do to help.

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